Rhein-Sieg Wireless Backhaul Testbed (Germany)

The Rhein-Sieg Wireless Backhaul Testbed (RSWB)  has been set up during the Solarmesh project. It is used to develop, evaluate and refine routing and medium access protocols as well as self-configuration algorithms of spatial and frequency multiplexing parameters for long-distance carrier-grade wireless back-haul networks. Moreover, novel methods to increase energy-efficiency to allow for solar-powered nodes are tested as well as hardware abstraction mechanisms that provide a unified interface to upper layers. Currently it connects a rural farm in Hennef, Germany with triple play services. 

It is built upon IEEE 802.11 technologies forming a long-distance back-haul network, which connects several friendly test users living at rural and remote places. It consist of eight nodes and 10 links up to 12km as well as an additional DVB-T broadcast overlay cell.