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How to get your WiBACK Network?

You are a major of a small city or a village which lacks broadband connectivity? You are an ISP that wants to tap into new markets? You are a service provider, which cannot sell the service in rural and remote areas due to the lack of reliable connectivity?

Wherever a reliable and cost-efficient solution is required to provide connectivity, temporarily or for a long-term period, WiBACK is the solution.

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Distribution Partner

After almost 9 years of R&D work, WiBACK Version 3.0 has left the testing phase and is now ready for being used in a productive environment. Hence, at the end of 2015 it was time to start researching exciting new features and new use cases, which will eventually lead to WiBACK++. Since then, DeFuTech UG - Deutsche Funktechnik, a spin-off company from us, has taken over and continues the production, distribution and support including service updates of the current WiBACK 3.0. 

High Performance Wireless Broadband

Nowadays, the availability of broadband coverage is still not yet self-evident, which is mainly due to the high costs incurred for the construction and operation of infrastructure. Fraunhofer’s and DeFuTech’s WiBACK technology provides plug ‘n’ play high quality wireless networks for low-cost broadband connectivity beyond in the urban areas.