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Info sheet: WiBACK-System

WiBACK is a backhaul solution tailored to rural communities. Its fields of application and technical merits especially in the Global South are indicated in the information sheet. Furthermore, the composition of the components for building a WiBACK network is briefly illustrated.


Flyer: WiBACK

In addition to an introduction to the world of WiBACK, the flyer presents the most important features and shows its benefits for use in rural areas based on its technical capabilities.


Study: Connecting the Unconnected

Study on the potential of both novel and mature technologies and emerging business concepts applicable to the rural areas of developing countries with a qualitative assessment, identification of challenges and possible fields of activity.

Further information about the technology of WiBACK


Info sheet: WiBACK Technology

This information sheet gives a deeper understanding of the self-managed wireless backhaul solution WiBACK. It explains its main features and highlights its advantages over other backhaul solutions. Additionally, it describes the infrastructural structure and the function of the components.;


Datasheet: Hardware

This fact sheet provides specific technical data on the second generation of WiBACK repeater nodes: Node-2 Connect II.

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