Target audience

Connecting the Unconnected with WiBACK

WiBACK is a technology that offers many flexible use cases. From permanent installations in rural areas to short-term installations such as for concerts or disaster relief to ad-hoc installations for construction projects – the use cases are as versatile as potential users.



ISPs usually shy away from network expansion because the implementation costs are too high compared to the profit. A possible solution is a technology with low costs and a good performance.


Development Players

Developing countries lack the technical expertise necessary to build and maintain a network. They need a technology that is easy to operate and requires little maintenance.


First Responders

In the event of natural disasters tele-communications can fail. To maintain reliable communication, quick set-ups are required to establish an alternative emergency communication for areas with communication outages.

WiBACK in a nutshell:


  • is a flexible technology that enables ISPs or local entrepreneurs to cost-efficiently connect remote areas to the Internet by expanding their existing networks.
  • consists of concatenated long-distan-ce directional wireless links that can easily be set up and flexible mounted.

Benefits for operators and users

  • WiBACK allows to unveil new business opportunities and expand the customer base to rural areas at low costs.
  • By bridging the Digital Divide as a sustainable solution, WiBACK enables rural communities to benefit from the Internet.
  • WiBACK can be quickly and easily set up and operated despite geographical disparities or harsh environmental conditions.