WiBACK Applications

Flexible Deployment

One of WiBACK’s unique traits is its ability to support various (as needed) different network types, which allows operators to adapt and extend communication to locations it is needed.


Permanent networks:

  • connect buildings, people permanently to the communication infrastructure.

Short-term networks:

  • are suitable for short-time-projects at a location. 

Ad hoc networks:

  • are useful if you spontaneously need an Internet connection at a location.


A permanent WiBACK network provides a transport infrastructure and complements existing technology rather than replacing them. Figuratively speaking, you can see WiBACK as a wireless extension cable.



A short-term WiBACK network can be quickly and effectively set up and operated. Therefore, it enables communication at large-scale events, especially at remote locations or where connectivity is required for a short time only.



An ad-hoc WiBACK network allows you to build your network very quickly.

You can flexibly change the nodes’ locations and move them to where they are needed for a certain period of time.