WiBACK Solar


Particularly in rural and remote reginos energy supply is often a big issue: Not on all spots where a node might be most optimally deployed based on the radio and signal condtions a reliable power grid is necesarry available. For example, consider a node on top of a montain, a hill or in the middle of a dessert, or even areas where the power grid fails on a regular basis.

In order to cope with these conditions, WiBACK nodes were designed to be very energy efficient, consuming never more than 10Watts. Hence, they can be easily powered with solar panels or a wind generator. 

The pictures on the right give some impressions on installation designed to run 24/7 on 365 days. Obviously the location has a huge impact on the size of the solar cells and the battery.

Hennef, Germany

Autonomous WiBACK node powered by solar energy in Hennef, Germany.

Bruneck, Italy

Solar-powered WiBACK node providing WLAN access to hikers during the day in Bruneck, Italy.